About Dili Vanilli

Dili Vanilli is based in the mountainous region of Aileu, bringing together local vanilla farmers to work cooperatively to build a Timorese vanilla industry.  With veteran advocate for Timor, Martin Hardie and Nolya Mesquita at the helm, Dili Vanilli was founded in 2018 with the object of assisting the Vanilla producers of Timor-Leste access the international market in a fair and sustainable way.

Our expressed mission is to raise the quality of our vanilla bean through grower education and training, and to develop the next stage curing process in country. With the assistance of international partners and experts Dili Vanilli seeks to produce the highest quality beans for the international market. Dili Vanilli always seeks to ensure that its farmers are paid a fair and equitable price for their produce.

Supporting the independence of the local farmers of Timor-Leste

Our Process

In addition to our own vanilla plantation, our vanilla comes from a close cooperation with over 500 farmers scattered in villages throughout the neighbouring mountain ranges.

Since our establishment we have focused on developing the most suitable curing and conditioning techniques in order to produce the highest quality vanilla.

Since 2020, we have been in the process of upgrading our processing facilities and have started to undertake in-country value adding processing in the production of products such as extract, as well as building an inventory of other Timorese products to offer internationally. 

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